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Polylogarithm function

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    Hi everyone,

    Anyone knows how can I insert a polylogarithm function to FORTRAN? I am trying to put Li_2(z) polylogarithm function to my equation.

    Thank you in advance.

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    You'd have to write the function, if you do not have it in a library of functions.
    If you need help with the definition of the function, check the following site:
    If you have difficulties with writing the function, you can post what you've got, and we will then know how we can help.
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    OK. Thank you very much!
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    A good reference for a polylogarithm function algorithm is the following:
    Note on fast polylogarithm computation
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
    Abstract: The polylogarithm function Li .... assumed that −π < arg z ≤ π, whence the analytic continuation with proper branch cut ...
    people.reed.edu/~crandall/papers/Polylog.pdf - Similar pages
    by RE Crandall -

    If you are interested please send me an email (rashore1@yahoo.com) and I will then send you copies of the FORTRAN codes I wrote to calculate the dilogarithm and trilogarithm functions of complex argument based on Crandall's algorithm. I've checked them using Mathematica and they work quite well.
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