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Possible combination question

  1. Nov 27, 2012 #1

    If you have 3 variables A, B and C.

    Variable A can range from 5 to 960 in blocks of 5 (192 blocks).

    Variable B can range from 0 to 100 in blocks of 5 ( 20 blocks)

    Variable C can range from 2 to 70 in blocks of 2 ( 35 blocks).

    How many combinations of the numbers can you have?

    For example

    5 0 2
    10 0 2
    15 0 2

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    Is this homework?

    Consider a similar situation: Three variables which can have a value from 0 to 9 (10 choices each). Every combination can be read as a 1- to 3-digit number (dropping leading zeros). How many numbers are there? How can you calculate that number?

    Your setup is very similar, and the result can be calculated with the same approach.
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