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Possible Levitation?

  1. Sep 19, 2007 #1
    Hello All,

    I stumbled across this video:

    http://shizzville.com/make-your-own-levitation-device [Broken]

    In which someone claims to make a fully functional levitation device.
    I tried it with a slightly newer phone and, (as expected) I couldn't replicate it.

    Although this is probably a fake, is there any legitimacy to it?
    From a little research, I understand that CDs have an aluminum coating and the soda can is obviously aluminum. Does the phone theoretically make the battery "think" it is being used in a system via the electromagnetic waves it emits? But then how would the soda can work?

    Or is this all nonsense since it's completely phony?

    I just had to ask. :smile:

    Any and all help/feedback is much appreciated in advance.

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    I think he missed out the step where you need 2 lengths of nylon thread and a friend standign out of shot.
  4. Sep 19, 2007 #3
    Hey I was just about to start a new thread asking about this so called "hutchison effect".
    It seems like a big fraud to me but has anyone done any simple experiments relating to this at all? By that I mean ones that your average Physics student can do with out NASA or something of that sort backing them.

    I remember seeing some kind of suposed aluminum foil covered gliders. They were only about the size of a human hand but still. Any infromation on Huchison effect or propoltion or material munipulation using electricity would be apprishiated.

    Oh yeah I already know about Magnetic shape memory metal if you have not heared of this you should check it out. VERY COOL
  5. Sep 20, 2007 #4
    After watching the video I could find any number of reasons for the trickery but a dime is used on the playing card. Since a dime is not magnetic how is the opposing magnetic field induced? This is also assuming that the phone is in transmit mode. I admit I have been fooled many times but if he had used a steel 1943 penny instead of a dime I may have believed it.

    One time many years ago in a bar in National City, California, a fellow shipmate would eat a beer glass for money. We were all amazed by this feat and assumed he would suffer intolerable body damage. Later on I found out he was in cahoots with the bartender and the glass was made of sugar.
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    Who has a mobile phone with an external aerial?

    It's 2007, not 1987.
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