What is Bifilar: Definition and 19 Discussions

A bifilar coil is an electromagnetic coil that contains two closely spaced, parallel windings. In engineering, the word bifilar describes wire which is made of two filaments or strands. It is commonly used to denote special types of winding wire for transformers. Wire can be purchased in bifilar form, usually as different colored enameled wire bonded together. For three strands, the term trifilar coil is used.

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    Need help with this unequal length bifilar pendulum

    [Mentor Note -- Three threads on the same problem have been merged into this one] Hi, I'm doing a lab report on the relationship between the period of oscillations in an unequal length bifilar pendulum. The set up is like below Can anyone help me derive a formula for the period of oscillations...
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    Bifilar investigation compared with real lifesituationbridge

    I did an experiment at school, about the bifilar pendulum, the experiment was with rulers and clampstands and strings to model a bridge. How would that be similar/different to the real life situation of an actual bridge. e.g. effects of friction, or restoring force
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    What are the uses of a bifilar pendulum?

    how is a bifilar pendulum useful in everyday life and why do we study about it?
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    Bifilar pendulum experiment

    Bifilar pendulum, data matches the theory real neat. Do have a question, I would expect the period to match the period of a torsional pendulum for the limit when the support strings are the same point ie zero separation. I can't get the bifilar equation to reduce to the torsion equation for...
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    How do I measure a the period of a bifilar pendulum?

    I have a formal lab due, and my idea is to use a bifilar pendulum, model its period using experimental data, and examine the effect of the length of the strings on the amplitude of the period. For anyone unfamiliar with it, here is a picture of the pendulum. This is how I plan on setting up my...
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    Another Inductance winding Number question

    Hi, So if you wind a bifilar core in parallel and: connect it up in series, then it will have twice the N of if you connected them in parallel, i.e. The inductance is proportional to (2*N)^2 rather than just N^2, as connecting them up in parallel just increases the cross sectional area of the...
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    Possible sources of error/uncertainty in bifilar pendulum?

    in my AH physics investigation - measuring acceleration due to gravity, I used the bifilar suspension pendulum btw a light gate was used for the errors/problems section so far I have problems in making the rod level and keeping the two strings parallel, also all the random, calibration and...
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    Possible sources of error in compound pendulum experiment?

    completing my advanced higher physics investigation - measuring acceleration due to gravity for the oscillating mass on a spring experiment so far I have included friction between the nail & oscillating rod as a possible source of error can anyone think of anything else? thank you very much...
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    How to get/make 'non-magnetic bifilar heating wire'?

    I'm looking for heating wire (to ~200-300 degrees Celsius) that won't disturb a ~weakish applied magnetic field significantly - I would be wrapped it helically around a glass cell which is placed inside magnetic field coils. So if I had two parallel sets of non-magnetic wire attached and coiled...
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    Exploring the Magnetic Field of a Bifilar Coil

    I have a doubt bifilar coil makes itself inductance zero... do we get any field around this coil or it also cancels the field around it and makes net field zero..?
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    Get Bifilar Wound Coils for Your Project: 2 of Each Type

    Hi anyone can help me to get these... i want bifilar wounded flat spiral and cylindrical coils for my project can anyone tell where i can get them i required in quantity of two each
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    Bifilar Pendulum: Can't justify/create a hypothesis + analyze results

    Bifilar Pendulum: Need help with formulas now... Homework Statement So I have an assignment where I have to determine the relationships between the period of a Bifilar Pendulum. I performed an experiment where the angle was set to 20 degrees, the ruler tied to the strings is twisted, and then...
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    Bifilar pendulum motion

    Heyy guys, I have and EEI to do on a bifilar pendulum. Essentially a bifilar pendulum is acheived by two parallel strings instead of one. I have already built the device but don't know how the motion should be. Shourd it be farwards adn backwars? or side to side? or rotate? Thanks in advance:)
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    Bifilar Winding & Transformer Secondary Voltage

    If a transformer has a bifilar wound primary coil will the secondary voltage still be equal to the transformer's turns ratio? Bifilar coils when connected together in the proper way have a much higher voltage between turns. Instead of the voltage across each turn being equal to the total...
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    Calculating Distributed Capacitance of a Bifilar Coil?

    Hello everyone, I have been tirelessly searching the net trying to find out how to calculate the distributed capacitance of a multi-layer bifilar coil. Just wondering if anyone here can point me in the right direction?
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    Bifilar Coil Formulas: Calculate Capacitance & Impedance

    Hi Everyone, I read the Tesla patent about bifilar pancake coils here: http://www.magnetricity.com/NeoG/Bifilar.php and I read about how they are supposed to decrease the impedance and increase the capacitance of the coil. So I constructed one to try out the idea. To my surprise, when I...
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    Bifilar pendulum questions for my lab

    hi, i am doing an investigation in my physics class. its about bifilar pendulm.the aim of the investigaton is what thngs affect the period for one swing of the pendulum. so the the variable i changed for measuring the period was the length of string. now i have got my results but the only thing...
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    Investigating Bifilar Pendulum: Ideas & Information

    I've got an investigation in which iam investigating the factors affecting the perioad of a BIfilar pendulum. So has anyone got any good ideas for me, ie: factors to be measured or kept constand, useful information that i should know, etc. your help is much appreciated.
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    Bifilar Pendulum experiment

    Could someone please give me an overview of how I get from measuring the time taken for x oscillations and the distance of the rod, to proving it moves with simple harmonic motion? I know i have to plot t--d^-1 on a graph, then using the gradient (td) i need to do some maths magic to get either...