What is Advanced higher: Definition and 11 Discussions

The Advanced Higher is an optional qualification which forms part of the Scottish secondary education system brought in to replace the Certificate of Sixth Year Studies (CSYS). The first certification of Advanced Higher was in 2001. It is normally taken by students aged around 16–18 years of age after they have completed Highers, which are the main university entrance qualification in Scotland.
An Advanced Higher is the highest certificate offered by the Scottish Qualifications Authority as part of the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework. An Advanced Higher qualification is essentially a simulation of the first year of university in that particular subject; this is the reason that Advanced Highers can be used for second-year university entry.
Universities in Scotland traditionally tended to take students with only NQ Higher or A-level qualifications, but many have since begun to take students with qualifications gained elsewhere in the UK or, as with the University of Glasgow, for example; an International Baccalaureate and American qualifications such as a High School Diploma in combination of SAT/ACT scores and SAT Subject Tests or Advanced Placement exams.The Advanced Higher is Level 7 on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework.

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  1. CheesyPeeps

    Prove True/False that n^3-n is Always Divisible By 6

    Homework Statement For all natural numbers n, prove whether the following is true or false: n3-n is always divisible by 6. From SQA Advanced Higher Mathematics 2006 Exam Paper Homework Equations I can choose from the following types of proof: Direct proof Proof by contradiction Proof by...
  2. CheesyPeeps

    How can checking your answer prevent losing marks on an exam question?

    Homework Statement I've used z* to mean z conjugate. Given the equation z + 2iz* = 8 + 7i, express z in the form a + ib. From SQA Advanced Higher Mathematics 2005 Exam Paper Homework Equations n/a The Attempt at a Solution I substituted a+ib and its conjugate in for z and z*, which, after...
  3. Klairence Leitch

    Time Dilation in the same frame of referance?

    Homework Statement A rocket ship is accelerating through space. Clocks P and Q are at opposite ends of the ship. An astronaut inside the rocket ship is beside clock P and can also observe clock Q. What does the astronaut observe about the passage of time for these clocks? Justify your answer...
  4. B

    How Do I Solve Complex Equations with Different Lambda Values?

    Homework Statement Question 3.b. - http://imgur.com/ztLiRvx Homework Equations For the sake of simplicity, let's assume that lambda = x. The Attempt at a Solution I tried equating the real an imaginary parts of arctan(1/4). Real: x/2 + 3 = 4. This gives x = 2. Imaginary: x/2 - 3 = 1. This...
  5. A

    AH physics exam tomorrow - help with waves question? thanks

    1. Homework Statement If the optical path diff between two light waves is lambda/2 will they always interfere destructively? if this in true then wherever one wave undergoes aphase change of pi at one surface and the second wave does not then these two will always interfere destructively...
  6. A

    Help with interference question AH physics? exam tomorrow :(

    Could someone please explain this question to me I'll include what I thought the answer was and the actual SQA answers. Please can you read my answer just to see what I'm doing wrong and what I don't understand It's from the 2009 past paper AH physics Thanks so much I really appreciate any...
  7. A

    Inductive Circuit and Frequency

    Homework Statement A resistor and a capacitor are connected in series to a variable frequency supply. A voltmerter is connected across the inductor and another across the resistor. The supply voltage is kept constant as frequency of supply is increased. State and explain the changes in the...
  8. A

    Inductor Role in Time Constant of a DC Circuit

    A d.c circuit consists of a switch, lamp and inductor. The inductor is replaced with an inductor with twice the number of turns in the coil of wire, nothing else about it is changed. State the effect on A) maximum current B) the time to reach max current I thought increasing the turns would...
  9. A

    Possible sources of error/uncertainty in bifilar pendulum?

    in my AH physics investigation - measuring acceleration due to gravity, I used the bifilar suspension pendulum btw a light gate was used for the errors/problems section so far I have problems in making the rod level and keeping the two strings parallel, also all the random, calibration and...
  10. A

    Possible sources of error in compound pendulum experiment?

    completing my advanced higher physics investigation - measuring acceleration due to gravity for the oscillating mass on a spring experiment so far I have included friction between the nail & oscillating rod as a possible source of error can anyone think of anything else? thank you very much...
  11. G

    Advanced Higher Physics Investigation

    As part of my Advanced Higher Physics course I am require to investigate an area of physics not covered by the syllabus. My first thought was to use telron tubes or similar in order to determine the charge to mass ratio of an electron. However it has just come to my attention that this has in...