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News Powell vs. Clinton '06

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    Who wins?

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    I can only assume you mean a boxing match.

    I think powell would clearly begin with some good hits. Half way through the first round hilary would be disqualified for biting.
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    For the NY senatorial seat? Or did you mean '08?

    If you mean for president, I think Powell, but he's said many times he won't run.
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    Power has more integrity than most government officials I've seen. If he said he won't run it's highly likely he won't. I would say Powell would win though.
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    What race??? NY senate?

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    If Powell runs for Senate in '06, I will have the pleasure of voting for one of the greatest men in our nations history. And hell, if Hillary Clinton could come and be a sucessful carpet-bagger, why not Colin Powell, who actually grew up in NYC? If there's any actual reason to consider Powell a senatorial candidate, it would have been better if he'd retired a bit early and ousted Chuck Schumer this year instead. I actually like Hillary, but Chuck Schumer's just an average self-interested political whore.
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    Sans “like Hillary” I can’t disagree with that.

    Powell will be begged to run for the Senate. Powell’s wife was concerned about racial slurs when she asked him not to run for president. He won’t get as much of that in a NY State election. The pubs will supply enough cash to buy the state should he choose to run. A dream match up for the media.
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