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Power divider/coupler question

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    Quick question on couplers/dividers...

    Imagine a 3 port power divider....one input and two outputs that give equal outputs...say -6db from the input level.

    Now say we connect the two outputs to two signal sources and connect a spectrum analyzer to the input port of the divider...so we are connecting the divider as if it were a coupler...

    Should the output (taken at the divider input) necessairly be the summation of the two inputs (which are normally the outputs of the divider)?

    I have seen someone do this in the past and from what I remember the two signals(one was a continuous signal and the other was a very short lived pulsing signal) really didnt appear to add together on the analyzer display...

    All I have is my undergrad microwave engineering textbook to go off of, so if anyone knows some good weblinks for microwaves/couplers/dividers please let me know...


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    Some couplers are directional, and some are not. MiniCircuits is a very popular source for couplers, and they have some good app notes as well:

    http://www.minicircuits.com/application.shtml [Broken]
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