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Engineering Power Engineering EE

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    I just started part time at a software company, the CEO tells me that if he were my age (a young guy) he would look into Power Engineering. I guess there are sort of 2 general halves of EE, one that has to do with software and electronics (i.e. power usage?) and the other having to do with power generation and distribution.

    According to this guy (who studied EE in the 70s), Power Engineering is becoming a hot subject again because of new energy production, grid, smartgrid, tech, other stuff (I am a total newb when it comes to this). What do you guys know about power engineering, and what do you think about it? thanks for helping a future engineer pick a path...
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    I think your CEO's advice is good. And the knowledge is transferrable to other industries.
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    What other industries would a power engineer be qualified to work in?
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    I have seen the same principles applied in the semiconductor and environmental industries and common components such as motors and process instrumentation.
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