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Power transfer by IPT questions

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    I am using this circuit below to charge a AA battery at the receiver's output. i think it should at least have some readings but i was wrong. there was no results at all. is there something wrong in my design. i've took the basic circuit only(hadnt add the control devices).
    PS I am a noob at pspice, can any1 show me how to model the coupled inductors as IPT in the simulation?
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    whoops!forgot the pic

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    At first glance, it appears your Multisim simulation doesn't know that you're trying to induce a voltage into the secondary circuit.
    The first obvious place I would double check, is your Multisim program, to see if they have models for transformers, and replace your two inductors with it. Use a turns-ratio appropriate for the 2 inductances you've chosen.
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