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Power (Watt) of Magnetron and Klystron

  1. Apr 4, 2010 #1
    If a microwave generator (for e.g., magnetron or klystron used to particle accelerator) is said to have power of for e.g. 3 MW, what does that depend on? Is it related to the electric field amplitude of the electromagnetic wave and how many waves are coming out of the microwave generator and how? Is it related to the frequency of the waves? How can you calculate the megawatt of the device? Thank you.
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    Klystrons work at specific frequency. You have to tune them to their sweet spot to get max power out.
    Say a Klystron is rated 10KW. 10KW is the input power. Klystrons that I have worked with are somewhere around 16% to 27% efficient. So you get out only a 1.6KW to 2.7Kw. A lot of the input energy is converted to heat, which is taken out with running water. The water might have to be chilled.
    I don't know if the efficiency is related to frequency.
    I think magnetrons are the same. IF you take your kitchen microwave as an example, the rating is 1KW. The output of the Magnetron will be 1KW*efficiency. I would say they are much more efficient, since a fan is sufficient to take off the heat. Maybe they don't even need the fan.
    I am not sure if I have answered your question. I just thought I'd post what I know.
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