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Pre-calc advise

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    Hello all, I am new to the forums. I am a 15-year old junior in high school. Right now, I am enrolled in a pre-calc course, and I am having a hard time following the rest of the class. I took Alg II (academic) almost two years ago, and then took Geometry last year (honors). Since i took Alg II that long ago, and it was not a very advance course, I am behind in the class, and I would like if you guys can point me out to what things i should become familiar with to do better in this class. Keep in mind that I am in the beginning of the course, so I just want to know what areas I should review from Alg II.

    Thank you very much in advanced, and if this is not the correct forum, please forgive me.
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    Well basic advice for success in a course is always talk to the teacher. the teacher can help you with exactly what you need for that course. Also a personal conversation will reveal quickly what areas you need to review.

    I.e. we can say what we think is important, but your teacher can tell what you already know as well as what he will emphasize in this course.

    Where are you having trouble? What things are passing you by? Do yuo nkow your linear equations well? what about quadratic equations? trig?
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    i'm not sure how ur HS does it but sually from my memory from when i took the course they split it up Trig for 1/2 of the year and "pre" calc for the second half (trig is so important in Calculus ....trust me learn that stuff lol)...the precalc part i thought was useless like just more algebra.......anyways in the trig part you should become familiar with all the major trig functions like sin, cos, tan, cot, sec, csc. .....some parts of the trig course was geometry oriented
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    My advice is learn the unit circle and trig identities well, those damn things will never go away
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