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Predicting the future value using the past value

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    Let us assume that a body is to travel from point A to point E, with
    B, C, D being intermediate points. The points between A and E are
    equally spaced apart by a distance of 10 km. The body is SUPPOSED to
    travel AB, BC, CD, DE with speeds of 10 kmph, 20 kmph, 30 kmph, 40
    kmph respectively.
    With the data given above, let us suppose that the body begins its
    journey from A. Please note that the instantaneous speed of the body
    is available. Once the body covers AB, we can compute the actual
    average speed. Let us suppose that the body actually travels AB with
    an average speed of 8 kmph. So, the fact is that the body is SUPPOSED
    to cover AB with an average speed of 10 kmph but actually performed
    its journey with average speed of 8 kmph. Now the body being
    traversed AB, is supposed to traverse BC. At this point can we
    PREDICT by how much difference in average speeds (SUPPOSED ~ ACTUAL)
    the body can cover BC?
    To put it simply, is there a way we can take the history (difference
    in average speeds of AB) into account in predicting the future
    (difference in average speeds of BC, CD and DE)? Please assume that
    the reasons for the difference in actual and Supposed speeds are
    completely arbitary.
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