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Pressure test containment wall thickness

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    If I know the velocity, mass and diameter of a missile from a failed pressure test how can I calculate the minimum thickness of a containment sheet steel wall say 1 meter away?
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    That is not a simple question. Many parameters would come into play.

    Your question IMO is the same as that of designers of military armor. Think battleships and tanks. Research armor design. Maybe some other PF member can recommend a textbook on armor design.
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    At low velocity, less than about 100 to 200 feet/second, you need ductility and edge support to stop the momentum. At high velocity, over about 500 feet/second, you need areal density to stop the kinetic energy. In between, you need both.

    A good reference is Structural Failure by Wierzbicki and Jones. It is a good source, but has more detail than you really want.
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