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B Pressure Chamber with Flat Door

  1. Jul 25, 2017 #1
    I am currently new in this forum and just a senior high graduate, so pardon me if I have some errors in writing this questions.

    I have a cylindrical pressure chamber with approximately 80 cm in diameter and the length of 1.5 m and metal wall 1 cm in thickness. I know most pressure chamber have circular curved door on it, like this one for instance.


    I was wondering if I can put flat circular door on the chamber (because curved circular door are difficult and expensive to make). Can I put 8 bar of pressure to it? Could it withstand the pressure? And what is best suggestion on this pressure chamber?

    Thanks in advance.
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    You have marked the level of knowledge with an "A" advanced, which would mean that you should know how to calculate the stresses on the door, and strains.
    Material selection would be important as well as welding and fabrication for high pressure vessels ( ie handle and locking cogs ), and stress removal after fabrication.
    Just off the top of my head.

    Your question implies otherwise.
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    EDIT: I don't know the level of knowledge being the "A" sign. I thought it was the answer that will be "A".

    I'm still looking for answers
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    Answer in principle is that yes you could but probably not a good idea .

    It would have to be much thicker and the practical difficulties of design , manufacture , installation , test and certification may cost a lot more than just using the existing dome end door .

    Pressure vessels are subject to stringent design and test regulations . If you actually decide to pursue this change then you would need to employ a qualified professional engineer with extensive experience of pressure vessels .
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    If you are contemplating designing parts for a large volume, operating at 8bar then you seriously need some professional advice abut it. For a start, you will need some insurance and any insurer will need certification by a competent engineer.
    You seriously shouldn't hope to get 'safe' information on any (albeit relatively well informed) forum such as PF. We enjoy stimulating but inconsequential chats and not safety of life stuff. Boring for you perhaps but we are only arse covering and that's something you should be doing too. :smile:
    PS Just calculate the Work involved in isothermally compressing a metre cubed of air to 8 bar. It could bring you out in cold sweats when you think of that energy being returned to a door that's pushed off in your face.
  7. Jul 25, 2017 #6
    you can use a flat door, just add ribs on the outside to keep the door flat when the chamber is pressurized. but as noted, pressurized tubes can be dangerous. 8bar is ~116lb/sq.in. (116psi), lets say that flat door is 20sq.ft, thats 20x144=2880sq.in, and force would be 0.334x10^6 lbs pushing on that door face. 1/3 million lbs !!

    keeping a flat door sealed is also a challenge.

    certainly you should know the power of pressure, just 15psi here.
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    It isn't just the Force. The total Energy that can be released is very relevant.
    I can guarantee we will have no input to this thread from anyone who is actually competent to give an opinions. Litigation looms.
  9. Jul 25, 2017 #8
    4 minutes ago #7

    nobody gave any designs to use. litigation? the OP would have to get the design. a flat door that is 2" thick steel will work, be very darn heavy though. 3/8" steel with lots of ribs will also work, but also a pita to make. concave doors allows for material savings while at the same time will work.

    and yes, its rather ez to calc the potential joules in 8bar tube of Xcu.ft. of std air.
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    The Physics Forums do not allow discussing dangerous activities, and modifying the design of an cubic-meter-sized 8-bar pressure chamber is such an activity. This thread is closed; we cannot improve on Nidum's answer above:
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