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Pressure vessel test chamber problem

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    I have to design a chamber where a range of small pressure vessels can be safely pressure tested. They range up to around 10 litres in capacity and are tested at 45 barg. The vessel is a thick wall tube with two domed end caps welded construction. I would like some guidance on how to calculate the effect of a catastrophic failure should an end cap weld fail. What would the impact force be on the containment wall. The container is to be a box form with an opening door. I need to establish the wall strength required. I considered that this would be the worst case scenario as leaks would not not eject material. The vessel is to be held in a fixture during the pressure test. The test will use compressed air only. The distance to the container wall is likely to be around 300mm or less. I would appreciate some not too complicated formulas or guidance.

    I have been involved in pressure vessel design in the past and can do some basic stress calcs.

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    If you know the force pushing on the end cap and the mass of it.You should be able to use the conservation of momentum and F=ma to calculate the force on the containment.
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