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Homework Help: Pressure, volume and work done in an ideal

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    I am having trouble with this question:( Any advice.

    One mole of an ideal gas at a pressure p0 and a volume V0 undergoes the following changes in order:
    (i) expands to twice its volume at a constant pressure
    (ii) heats to twice its initial pressure at constant volume
    (iii) is compressed to its original volume at constant pressure,and
    (iv) restored to its original state at constant volume

    (a) Draw this cyclic process on a pV diagram, and hence show that the total work done by the gas is –p0V0.
    (b) What amounts of heat are added to the gas at each stage of the cycle?
    (c) What, if any, is the change in internal energy of the gas?

    I have drawn the diagram which looks like a square i think. But I am unsure how to proceed.
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    What equations do you have available that might be relevant? In particular, some integral equation relating pressure, volume and work?
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    Sounds good.
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