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Printing a multipication table from user input

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    My assignment was to "create a Python script that will allow the user to input the starting value for the row and column of a multiplication table and then print to screen the table containing ten columns and ten rows. Include a header for each row and column"

    I was able to produce the calculated table and I was able to produce a header for each row, but not each column, I do not know where to put the print statement for such a thing, when I fiddle with it always prints incorrectly.

    Any suggestions ?

    The attempt at a solution__

    Code (Text):

    row = int(raw_input("Enter the first row number: "   ))    
    #These 2 lines prompt the user for input and store the value in "row" and "col"
    col = int(raw_input("Enter the frist column number: "))

    lastRow = row + 10               # These lines assign and store the value  of the variables
    firstCol = col
    lastCol = col + 10

    while (row < lastRow):         #This line creates the conditions in which both loops operate            
        print row,"|",                   #Prints a header for each row
        while(col < lastCol):         #This line creates the conditions for the inner loop
            print "%3d" %(col * row), #This line will calculate /print the values of the variables
            col +=1                           #This line  updates the value for which "col"
        col = firstCol
        row +=1                         #This line updates the value for "row"
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    The header for the columns should be printed before you print rows of the table. IOW, the print statement(s) should go above your while loop.
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