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Printing all my threads

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    I've just looked over my post history and realized that many of my questions I have asked in the past are things I would like to keep archived for life in case I may have to ask them again. There is so much valuable information in the answers I receive on this forum, and if those threads die out it will be an unfortunately sight indeed.

    So I was wondering, is there a way to print all the threads I have ever posted in? I've created at least 250 threads, so to do it manually would be very cumbersome indeed.

    All feedback is appreciated.

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    My suggestion would be to help make sure that Physics Forums stays alive.


    You could always help by Upgrading.

    Just sayin'
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    You may be surprised to find that your posts have already been copied by a number of websites. Their only purpose is to copy other forum's posts. A large thread here had accidently gotten deleted and I found the entire thing on another website.

    If you want to copy your posts, you can search on your posts and you will be given a list of your posts only, or you can search by threads you've posted in if you want to save the entire thread. Then you can start copying or printing them. I would suggest just copying the posts to a file first, then printing at your leisure.

    I started making copies of all of my PM's years ago. I have copies saved of thousands of pm's both online, on my hard drive, on external hard drives and even have friends that have the files. I recently found that I have PM's going back to 2004 I had forgotten I had sent to a friend. Call me paranoid. :tongue2:

    It will be time consuming at first, but once you get the old posts saved, adding to it weekly or monthly will be easy.
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    Are paper copies really better to store the info? They are susceptable to decay, force, fire.

    I have my important files as easy searchable attachments to emails to myself or others in yahoo and gmail accounts. Assessable anywhere, but also on external hard drives and with relatives on another drive, like Evo, in case the house is burglared or lost in fire or something.

    Also, in the past, I made hundreds of paper copies of scientific publications in addition to that, neatly stored in my billies only to find out that I really never used them. If I needed to review something, I would not even go to my library on the hard disk. I just googled. So the billies got another function and all paperwork is gone.

    And also you could consider saving all the threads as .mht or .htm files. GB's are no longer expensive to store anymore.
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    I see, I will do it myself then but in the future, it would be nice if there a feature that allows one to setup a PDF of all the posts ready to be printed.

    Evo, did you copy all the text manually or did you possibly use a macro of some sort?

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    PM's are easy, you just select "download". But I've easily copied entire lengthy threads in seconds. Just highlight the text, copy and paste in word, notepad, what ever you want to save as.
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    Under Mac OS, I can save each page of a thread as a PDF file by choosing "Print" then "Save as PDF." Can't do a whole thread at once, unless there's a way to get PF to show you the entire thread as a single page.
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