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Probability and binomial distribution question

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    There was a question on the test with the following information (binomial distribution)


    Find the probability that X is :
    a. At least 3
    b. At most 3

    For part a I did P(X>=3)=1-P(X<=2)

    For part b I did P(X<=3) :
    [itex] \sum_{x=0}^3 perm(n, x)*p^x*(1-p)^(n-x)[/itex]

    The last part is (1-p)^(n-x)
    For part b, I got an answer that is greater than 1, what did I do wrong?
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    Why are you using "perm?"
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    Disregard. How do you delete your posts? I pressed the delete button once I go to edit, but that doesn't do it...

    Anyways, I got an answer of .7717.
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    Perm meaning permutation. That's the formula for binomial distribution. Ksinclair, should I disregard your answer?
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    Probably :P

    I know that moderators can delete posts, but I thought that you could also delete them yourself, or else my post wouldn't even be up there right now.

    If perm (n, x) means n!/(x!(n-x)!), then my answer should be correct ;).
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    Wow, this sucks. I wrote it out right on the paper but when I kept calculating I kept switching the x and n-x place so i had a greater answer. I can't believe this, I calculated it like 5 times on the test and still didn't realize the mistake!
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