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Problem with anticommutation of spinors

  1. Jun 30, 2010 #1
    In e.g. Burgess and Moore - standard model a primer

    it is stated that for two spinors (majorana)

    [tex] \bar{\psi_1}\psi_2 = (\bar{\psi_1}\psi_2)^T = - \psi_2^T \bar{\psi_1}^T [/tex]

    since the spinors are anticommuting objects, thus ordering reversion gives -1

    but they also state that

    [tex] (\psi_1^\dagger\psi_2 )^* = (\psi_1^\dagger \psi_2)^\dagger = \psi_2^\dagger \psi_1 [/tex]

    i.e. "without a minus sign" (explicity written in text)

    I am SOOO confused, how how how can this be consistent??

    best regards

    37 views so far, come on I know that you can help me :)
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