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Problems resolved by a new technology?

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    Hello everyone,

    we are a student team at Vienna University of Business and Economics and collaborate with a research institution in a research project to identify new fields of application for an already existing technology. In order to include creative ideas and to ensure impartiality, we do not explain the technology itself, but the most important features and benefits of this technology.

    For those who are interested in our method, which we use in the course of our project, we would like to point to the following link: http://www.facebook.com/search/?ini...897212&ref=search&sid=1184613920.972451719..1

    The goal of our project is to tap the full potential of the technology of our partner. It is important to mention that the project is not about commercialization, but, as indicated before, it is a research project in collaboration with a research institution. Therefore we would like to ask you for your help.

    As far as your own field of interest or field of operation is concerned, are there any problems which could be optimized, or do you have ideas where the following features and benefits may be important:

    * Where is it important to measure the structure and/or chemical composition of substances and solid material and analyze/display the results in three dimensions?
    * Where is it advantageous to have mobile and compact measurement instruments?
    * Where does high speed in measurement in terms of a high image refresh rate play a role?
    * Where is it important that measurement instruments are radiation hard?

    We would really appreciate receiving your creative ideas! You can also help us in refering us to people who may have innovative ideas.

    Many thanks in advance!

    Best regards
    The student team at Vienna University of Business and Economics
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