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Prof sees light at end of death's tunnel

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    Ivan Seeking

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    *shakes head*

    I think it is time for that south park eps....

    "To my great surprise, what he does in the lab under controlled conditions is what he does on TV," Schwartz said.

    ... and he must think john Edward's doesn't cold read. [zz)]
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    given that psychics really exist:

    these afterlife communicators could be very powerful psychics that simply read the persons mind and says some crap based on the reading.

    i believe in mind reading because of one guy: david blaine.
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    Well you invoked that I can use biblical info, so here goes.
    It is written that when we die our all our processes stop, including thought and desire. What is called “resurrection” is when we are brought back to life. Kind of like we are cloned physically and then all our thoughts, feelings, emotions, moral codes, memories and so on are reprogrammed into our various organs. We wake up with the last thought we had when we stopped living.

    Can this contact with the dead be faked? Yes, and yes the bible talks of that also.

    That was an interesting read as an “infomercial” I would say.
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