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Programming a 555 timer

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    Hi guys I want to learn how to program a 555 timer. I searched google and there doesn't seem to be any sort of tutorials or good info for a beginner to get started I don't even know what equipment I would need to do it. I want to program a 555 timer for 15 pulses per second so I can make rapidfire controllers for the xbox 360 without paying for kits with preprogrammed timers on ebay. So what I want to know is:

    what equipment do I need?
    is there specific software I need?
    tips to get started

    Thanks in advance for any help this was one of the only sites I found that seemed like it might provide some insight.
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    So there is no plugging into some programming device and using a pc to reflash some hex thing on the chip? I was skeptical see the guys selling the kits on ebay were saying that their chips were pre-programmed so I assumed a standard 555 timer would not work.

    Thanks for replying Ive been refreshing every few minutes just waiting I am excited to build these things I love soldering ;)
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    You might be thinking of programmable crystal oscillators.

    http://electronicdesign.com/Articles/Index.cfm?ArticleID=4371 [Broken]


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    No, look at the part number, 12F683. That's a MicroChip (PIC) part number. It's a microprocessor not a 555.
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    why would you think that's got anything to do with a 555? you just here to represent your xbox modifications website?
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    Why does someone always have to butt in with no intentions of lending support or advice and assume that people are up to no good, If I was here to represent I would have done so not put on some front about needing help. I honestly thought that was a 555 timer just programmed somehow sorry for my ignorance. Just my opinion, logically it seems I would have been doing a very poor job of representing my modding site if I showed up sounding like I don't know anything and don't even recognize my own parts etc. That site is just one of many, not mine I don't even have a site. I was just an honest guy looking for advice. Skeptic 2 and Berkeman I thank you for your assistance and apologize for my ignorance (hence the cry for help) and Proton Soup you should learn some manners you are not representing this site positively I think. Good day gentlemen I will not waste time flaming etc. clearly I need to research more to get what I seek.
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    i'm not an idiot. see it too much, unfortunately. just recently, it was guys trying to get exposure for their mod site for water-powered cars. getting link backs to web sites adds an air of legitimacy to google and ups page rankings. i'll admit, you're smarter than most, but might want to change your name.
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    No worries. You did have us all pretty confused at first, but glad it's clearer now.

    As Proton said, we get a lot of cases of spammers here with lots of different schemes. We do a pretty good job of weeding them out, but it can make us a bit sensitive at times.

    Welcome again to the PF. You'll find it a very useful place as you continue your studies and learning.
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    You don't get me at all Proton Soup, I am not trying to get exposure, I don't own a site I am a locally run business trying to save a buck, no schemes I did say right in my original post that all I wanted was to figure out how to build this circuit to avoid buying them pre-done from ebay. I didn't disguise my name cuz I am not being sneaky I promise. Seriously I am just trying to figure this out. Heres my take nothing but honesty:

    I want to make rapidfire controllers for myself and friends and yes I will try to sell them locally cuz I gotta pay my rent and I'm not good at much else but screwing with game consoles, but the kits to make these things run from 15-50$ so I ordered a few different types to see if I could recreate the effect with radio shack parts. I love tinkering and soldering and figuring things out anyway. They have that pre-programmed chip that produces 15 pulses per second approx. I thought that was a 555 timer I was wrong but I think it would still be possible to do with a 555 timer but I just don't understand it enough.

    So what do you think, I promise never to link to another site for as long as I live to prove I'm not here on some underhanded mission to brainwash you all into buying my xbox mod stuff ;) based on your knowledge of 555 timers, is it possible for me to wire it up to another button to get a rapidfire effect?

    Thanks guys sorry for the negativity Proton Soup I suppose you're just looking out for your territory ;)
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    it's not possible to tell what it does without buying it because they don't have the datasheet available. perhaps you could emulate its function with a 555 and a few discrete components. whether you'd save either money or time (which are often the same thing) is another question. generally, you can't make money at component level test and repair (or mods) unless you're working for uncle sam. even in the 80's, television repair was a dying art. good luck.
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    A few months ago I learned using the 555 timer, and it really rocks. I've done over a dozen of projects with 555's.
    I started learning at http://www.uoguelph.ca/~antoon/gadgets/555/555.html" [Broken].
    Hope that helps.
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    Thanks thats what I was looking for, I will check it out and see if I can get it hooked up and let you know.

    Thanks again for the help I will come here for my techno needs from now on
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