555 timer

  1. akaliuseheal

    Capacitive soil moisture sensor using TLC555

    Hello everybody, I have made soil moisture sensor and it kinda works. It is a capacative sensor not resistive sensor based upon TLC555 which has a role to create square wave. Square wave is brought to a homemade capacitor. Capacitance changes with change of moisture. Output is measured voltage...
  2. R

    Engineering RC Circuit/Node voltage question

    1. Homework Statement 2. Homework Equations 3. The Attempt at a Solution So you need to find the voltage across node D while the capacitor is charging, so it is going to be related to the voltage of the capacitor, so a function of time, so you need to come up with the equation for...
  3. Triple_E

    555 Timer Madness (Help)

    Hello, I have been in the process of building a small lightning cloud out of Poly-Fil and some LED's. I have looked up on how to build flashing LED's with a 555 timer, and I have tried (many) times, yet every time I hook up the 9v battery, my LED either turns on, but does not flash, or doesn't...