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Programming a PIC 16F886 on a FR28 I/O board

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    I need help in programming a pic on a FR28 I/O board that i bought off of ebay. no software came with it, only pdf's. Essentially i want to hook up sensors (Thermocouple, ph, photon) and have the pic store the data (using flash mem). the data stored will later be uploaded to a computer.

    the board needs 12v and can be hooked up to a cpu with RS232 cable. i have hooked it up and supplied the power, but i dont have an idea how to communicate with the board. I know i can use mplab or c to program the pic, but how do i get the computer to read the hardware.

    i have uploaded info about the board.

    any advise, tips or help will be appreciated


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    You have to set up a link over hardware to talk to the pic so that you can flash it. If you're using linux, minicomm/kermit
    On windows, hyperterminal (or some free terminal emulation software).
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    ask the seller for the PIC firmware. It should arrive with the board or send by e-mail. A PC sofware could be found in http://cgi.ebay.ca/FR88-RS232-Relay-Board-8-In%2F8-Out-Robot-VB-LabVIEW_W0QQitemZ110469872841QQcmdZViewItemQQimsxZ20091214?IMSfp=TL091214215001r675 [Broken]

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