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Project ideas for modern physics class

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    First of all I believe this is the right forum as it isn't necessarily homework but more of a discussion about possible projects/experiments for a modern physics class. If it is in the incorrect forum could a mod please move it.

    I am currently taking a physics 3 course that offers students the option of doing a project that is course related for 5% of your overall grade. A chronological list of topics covered in the course can be seen below.

    - Temperature, ideal gas equation, heat, first law of thermodynamics

    - Kinetic theory of gases, entropy, second law of thermodynamics

    - Einstein's postulates, Lorentz transformation

    - Time dilation and length contraction, doppler effect, relativistic momentum and energy, mass energy conversion

    - General relativity, quantization of electric charge, blackbody radiation, photoelectric effect
    - x-rays and compton effect

    - Atomic spectra, Rutherford's nuclear model, Bohr model of hydrogen atom, x-ray spectra, Franck-Hertz experiment

    - de Broglie, particle wavelengths and wave packets, wave function, uncertainty principle, wave-particle duality

    - Schrodinger equation in one dimension, square wells harmonic oscillator

    - Reflection and transmission of waves

    - Schrodinger equation in three dimensions, hydrogen atom quantization of angular momentum and energy, electron spin

    - spin-orbit effect, two particle system, classical and quantum statistics, Bose-Einstein condensation

    - chemical bonding, ionic, covalent, spectra of diatomic molecules, scattering, absorption, stimulated emission

    - structure of solids, classical theory of conduction

    - free electron gas, quantum theory of conduction, semiconductors, super conductors

    Having read up to general relativity thus far and scanning through the other content to be covered in the book I am unable to think of a good idea for a project. A good bit of the experiments seem to require radiation.. I was hoping to find a project where I could use my programming skills and knowledge of electronics. I'm familiar with c, matlab and java.

    If you guys have any ideas of anything in particular I should look in to please let me know.
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    I doubt anyone will answer in part because only u know what interests u. For example we don't even know what your are studying....could be physics, electrical engineering, or philosophy.

    Individual projects will usually consume time way out of proportion with the credit you get.
    Of course you'll learn the most that way too. And you'll never forget it.

    Maybe consider a subject that gives you some insight into other courses you like or would like to take.
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