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Projectile Motion (ignore previous thread)

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    Im trying to figure out this problem, but Im not sure if I have the equation(s) I need.

    "A ball is thrown horizontally out the window of a building with a velocity of 8.0 m/s from a height of 2500 m. How far from the base of the building will the ball land?"

    a) 54 m
    b) 60 m
    c) 90 m
    d) 115 m
    e) 180 m

    The equations I have for the X value (distance in X) include the following:
    Vx = ▲x/▲t
    ▲X = V0 * ▲t
    Vfx^2 = Vix^2

    Is this all I need to find the answer? Or am I missing some equation(s)?
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    You need to find the time the ball traveled. You can find it from the equation of displacement in the y-direction.
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    ok. I found the equation y = y0 + Vy0t - 1/2(gt^2)

    I solved for t, which came to be 22.6. Then I used x = x0 + Vx0t, which is 8 * 22.6, which comes out to 180.8.

    Seems right......
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    Yes, it does.
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