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Projecting Video Onto Two-Way Mirror

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    I am currently working on an art installation for my degree show that involves projecting a video image onto a two-way mirror so that the viewer on the other side can simultaneously see their reflection and the video image, but am having problems with the technicalities of this.

    Does anyone know what the light conditions should be on either side so that this can happen? Would a completely dark space need to be created? Would both sides need the same light conditions? etc.

    If anyone has any advice for me it would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.
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    You'd need a partially transparent screen to let the light through, and a partially reflective surface that would reflect and yet still let the projected image through it.

    Similar effects are implemented in the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland. In some cases, there is a very tall glass wall seperating the viewers from an interior room, and objects directly above and below the viewers are placed so when those object are lit up, those objects appear to be inside the interior room, for a ghost like effect. At the end of the ride, viewers see images of themselves via a series of one way mirrors, as well as objects properly placed and moving behind the mirrors that get lit up, and those objects appear to be in the vehicle with the viewers in the "mirrored" image.
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