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Proof by Induction - Requires calculus

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    [SOLVED] Proof by Induction - Requires calculus

    I have recieved a question that i have been trying to do and requires a proof to prove that it is true. The question is here:


    I am having some trouble to prove this as at some stage u are required to use differentiation and integration however i do not know hw to accomplish this, could somebody help me get on the right track and start me off for this question as i am having moderate difficulty? thankyou
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    Start with expanding (1+x)n using the binomial theorem and get
    1) (1+x)n=c0+c1x+......cnxn
    Take the first derivative and get
    2) n(1+x)n-1=c1+......ncnxn-1

    Finally, let x=1 and add 1 and 2 together to get the desired result.
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