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Proof of famous equations.

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    Proof of "famous" equations.

    Hey, I'm wondering if there is a good resource with proofs of famous equations just like the title says :)

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    What do you consider "famous" equations?
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    I quess the same ones as you do.
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    IMHO, Wikipedia is a great source because it gives you what you need to get to certain equations, but doesn't give you the steps in between--you can prove them yourself. I feel Wiki is accurate enough for math, maybe not for other subjects.
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    How about "God created the Integers" by Stephen Hawking (2007):

    "Looks at landmark mathematical discoveries over the past 2,500 years by such mathematicians as Euclid, Isaac Newton, Pierre Simon de Laplace, Georg Cantor, Alan Turing, and others, offering profiles of twenty-one important mathematical masters, facsimiles of their key works, and commentary on their contributions to the history of mathematics."
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