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B Properties of antimatter?

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    do we know what the proportions of antimatter is compared to matter ?? like does gravity electromagnetism the strong and weak forces exc.....as well as other thing like does it react to it self the same way matter does to it self??
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    Simon Bridge

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    In the observable Universe, matter vastly outnumbers antimatter ... but, within experiments, antimatter is always accompanied by an equal amount of matter.
    Antimatter has the same interactions as regular matter, including the self-interaction ... however, there is this thing called the CP violation which may explain the dominance of matter over antimatter.

    Thus: if you search using "CP violation" among your terms, you will find lots of information on the subects you are asking about.
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    It is worth mentioning that this is not due to a large asymmetry between matter and antimatter. In the early universe, there was almost equal amounts. What happened was that there was a slight excess of matter and when matter and antimatter annihilated away, this small excess was left as it had nothing to annihilate with. This small excess is all the matter we see today.

    As far as we are aware, gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong force affect matter and antimatter in the same way. The weak force displays CP violation. It is worth noticing that the observed CP violation in the weak force is not sufficient to explain why there was slightly more matter in the early universe. This indicates that there should exist another source of CP violation that we do not know about (yet!). This is an open field of research.
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