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Proton proton annihilation

  1. Aug 22, 2015 #1
    How much force (<10kN) is needed to compress two protons into each other? When it happens, when they are annihilated, the energy of the released gamma rays E=Mp *c^2 ? or some are carried away by short-lived byproducts?

    Regards Karoly
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    Two protons cannot annihilate, that would violate baryon number conservation.
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    Above will help.
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    It's a matter of Energy rather than Force in discussions about this sort of collision / fusion. This link is short and says it in a nutshell. It was originally thought that protpn proton fusion would need too high a temperature (i.e. high enough energies) for it to happen in a normal Star. There has to be a tunnelling effect for it to happen and to form deuterium (along with other products). It is a very rare occurrence, which is why man-made fusion reactors use 'ready made' deuterium and tritium, which fuse more readily.
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