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Homework Help: Pseudocode Help

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    I've done flowcharts for my assignments, but I have no clue how to make pseudocodes. I've tried to follow the flowcharts using them as a guide but it's not helping me because I don't understand. Also, I have no programming experience.

    Any help with any of the following is greatly appreciated.

    1) Read positive integer N and write the first N even numbers.
    2) Read positive integer N and calculate their sum.
    3) Read positive integer N and calculate the average of the positive number from this array.
    4) Read positive integer N and calculate N! only if N is a positive integer.
    5) Estimate the integral of x2 from 1 to 2.

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    In pseudocode, you write code-like statements that use a variety of control structures such as conditional branches (if - then -else statements), loops, input statements, output statements, and so on. If you are expected to write pseudocode, surely there are some examples in your text or notes for you to follow.

    If that still stumps you, try just writing out the steps you would take to do these problems.
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