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Python 2.7 on Windows installation for Astronomy

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    Hello people i know this program is better to use on Linux, but for personal reasons i can't change to Linux OS. So i'm having a little problema on how to use python and install the modules of astropy, ipython, i've already installed pip but i have a error on python shell that says: Error syntax, i write the instruction pip install astropy and also sudo pip install and doesn't work. Hope you can answer me quickly and can solve this problem!
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    Why aren't you using a newer version of Python? 2.7 is fairly old, with the current version for Windows being v3.5. The documentation for Python gives all the steps needed for running Python under Windows, which is mostly setting up the environment variables (such as path and a few others) so that Python can find the directories needed.
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    The pip commands are not meant to be run within the Python shell- they need to be run at a command prompt in Windows.

    I would stay with 2.7 if you are going to be doing scientific computing. A number of packages still aren't fully compatible with version 3, and most of the code you come across will probably have been written in 2.7.
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