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Quantum Chemistry/Mechanics Graduate Study

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    Hi all,

    I've been studying chemical engineering for three years now and will be entering my senior and final year next year. This year I found my quantum chemistry/mechanics course very interesting and enjoyable. I also found that I'm pretty good at it. I feel like I might be more interested in quantum mechanics than engineering. I was just wondering if there is a masters in quantum mechanics offered at most colleges. The other thing I want to know is what kind of undergraduate degree I would need I don't really know much about graduate school or how it works. Would I be able to enroll in a masters program with a chemical engineering degree or would they want something more geared toward just chem. Thanks.
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    it wouldnt be called a "masters in quantum mechanics"

    more like, physical chemistry.

    and yes, a degree in chemical engineering would allow you to enroll in a physical chem program. they might make you take a few remedial courses, but you're not that badly off.
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