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I Quantum Mechanics and GR

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    Physicists try to unite Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity. QM deals with three forces in nature (i.e., strong, weak , electromagnetism), while GR deals with geometry of space. How can one unite 3 forces and geometry?
    If one thinks of gravity as a force (not geometry), would one have a better chance at uniting it with the 3 other forces?
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    This is basically asking "what will a theory of quantum gravity look like"? That question is much too broad. If you have a specific source (textbook or peer-reviewed paper) that proposes a specific model of quantum gravity, you can ask questions about it in a new thread. This thread is closed.
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    This is a very deep question and to think that by adjusting the wording i.e. considering gravity as a force will solve it is being very naive.

    Here's a laymans discussion on the question:


    Basically the difference is that GR treats spacetime as a smooth continuous entity whereas quantum mechanics treats spacetime as quantized entity. It's like how lines are drawn on paper versus a computer screen. On paper or ideally, the line continuous at any magnificationwhereas on a computer screen as you zoom in you begin to see it's pixelated nature.
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