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Quantum Music ?

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    Classicalist thinking has invaded me, I agree, however...

    As far as I understand sound, it is the exchange of kinetic information between sucessive particles in space. When these air pressures collide, certain pressures are amplified while others are nullified. The rest are modified between both extremes.

    Music, as the human ear understands it, is the relation between timing and kinectic information exchange between these particles. It is also dependant upon the liquid sacks in the cochlea. However, independant of human existance, music can be explained as the collision of many kinetic particles whose rates of compression/rarefraction can relate to one another.

    Is it possible that there are relations between the rate in which information is exchanged between particles in relation to their distance... or time between exchanges... or any other parameters... and that these relations explain other occurances in higher-order physics?
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    May be the answer is " There is a definite relation between the exchange of information between particles the upper limit is speed of light "......... . The rate of exchange depends on their relative distance, you can go from "distance space" to "momentum space" then you will realise that there is a definite curvature of momentum space that is itself dictated by the nature of exchange.
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