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Quantum WHAT?

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    :eek: Hello people! I was watching the elegant universe a few days ago and I thought about what they said about quantum mehcanics. They said that there is nothing definate(ok thats not to hard to swallow), but they also said if there is 100 possibilites in quantum mechanics then they can not with certinty know which one...(ok thats not too bad at all)...all the other outcomes happen in universes that are parellel...(ok this is where he lost me). Can somone explain this?
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    That's the "many worlds" interpretation of quantum physics. It's a logically sound argument that can't really be proved emperically, so I don't know what to think of it. As is often said, it's "not even wrong", thereby can never be proved right. (Or until we find a way to traverse parallel universes)
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