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Question about applying for jobs before graduating

  1. Apr 23, 2007 #1
    and for non-local jobs >_>

    I'm graduating in May(the 11th to be exact), and was wondering about a couple of things. Say I see a tempting job opening somewhere that requires the BS, is it still ok for me to apply and note that I'm getting it PDQ? If not I kinda feel like I'm sitting on my hands waiting to graduate

    Second, if the job is fairly far away, like out of state, how's that work? I know my sister did a telephone interview, but that was like her going to China, so a little more extreme. I've nothing against moving if I'm moving to a job, but it'd be a bit rough to get places just for an interview
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    If you could get hired somewhere before you're finished with school, why wouldn't you take the chance? The earlier you can apply the better... within reason anyway. 6-10 months from graduation is probably a good window to start.

    Depending on who/what the company is, you may do a telephone interview, they might fly you to them, or they might want you to be there in person.
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    6-10 months, 2 weeks, same thing, right?

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    From what you're saying, it sounds like you're asking if you're allowed to apply for a job that requires a BS, when you don't have a BS for a few more weeks. The answer is yes. In fact, this is what most people I know do. It would be quite a waste of time, after all, if you graduated and didn't have a job waiting for you.
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    Is it? All the big companies usually start looking for new graduates in the fall semester of their senior year. The point is you gonna start applying for it sooner or later, so what's holding you back?
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    And on the out-of-state job interview question.... Usually this will happen because recruiters visit your school, and you pass the initial interviews. They then make arrangements to fly you to their company for further interviews. These can be fun trips, IMO.

    It's also possible that you submit a resume online or something, get a couple of telephone interviews (which you do great in), and they arrange the interview trip based on that.
  8. Apr 25, 2007 #7
    Yah if its out of state, don't be surprised f they want you to fly to them. Not doing a phone interview, especially for a full time position they want the real deal, not just a person's voice and a resume.

    Even for just a co-op with IBM I had to fly down to them before I was hired.

    Do you have any other type of internship/co-oping experience?
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