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Question about starting on Statics Project

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    Me and some friends are doing a project for statics where we compare the designs of different transmission tower designs. I'm looking for a direction to start. Does anyone know why different designs are incorporated for different type of transmission towers. There are three basic kinds of transmission towers (tension, suspension, and transportation). I am thinking the design is based on the weights of the wires (heavier wires require a design the supports stronger weights). Just wondering if there are other hidden design factors.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    What do you mean by "transmission towers"? Do you mean radio transmission towers, or AC Power Distribution towers? If radio, what are the different frequency bands that are involved, and what do the antennas look like? IF AC Power Distribution towers, what are the different distribution voltages, cable configurations, etc? Can you post a few pictures of the various types that you are looking at?
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    Other factors you might like to think about..

    Wind and snow loading.
    Change of direction.
    Weight of Birds.
    Visual impact on the landscape.
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