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Question about the output of a car battery in amps

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    Hi. I joined to ask this one question..but who knows maybe I will stick around and learn other things..lol...

    I bought an electric 12v anchor winch which is designed to be used with a 12v car battery on a boat. I intend to use it to hoist my bicycles to the ceiling of my garage. However, the AC to DC power inverter that I tried, which outputs 3 amps...makes the winch run very slowly and with a jerking motion. I assume this is because the amperage is way low. So I need a power inverter with a higher amperage rating...

    My question..how high?
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    Welcome to PF, Wizer.
    The requirements should be listed on the label, or at least in the owner's manual. I believe that most medium winches run about 15 amps, but I'm not sure.
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    Thanks Danger..

    No label anywhere on the winch or on the manual...I know, there should be, right?

    I ran over to RadioShack, and picked up a 15 amp AC to 12v DC power inverter and it appears to work perfectly.

    So you are correct, and that confirms that I am in the right power range for that winch.

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    You're quit welcome.
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    Next time buy a 120v winch...cheaper, simpler and just plug it in to any wall outlet....
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