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Question about the stretch of rope

  1. Aug 9, 2014 #1
    A rope of length L1 is stretched from both ends by A and B ( both are exerting equal amount of force F1 and F2, where F1=F2)to keep it rigid. Just then C ties a metallic block of mass M1 at the center of the rope.Due to the weight of the block, the rope hangs down and creates a depression of D1 meters.

    Q.1 At what rate (in Newton) should A and B pull the string so that the depression starts to reduce by H1 m/sec, in the presence of the metallic block?

    Q.2 At what rate (or differential rate) should both the ends of the rope move, so that the depression reduces by H1 m/sec?

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    Hi. This looks like a Homework / Coursework question and it should probably be in that forum.
    As we don't just answer such questions 'for free' (PF is far too mean to spoon feed people!), we need to see what you, yourself, have done towards answering the question.
    For instance, what are the forces acting on the Mass M1 and what would be the tension in the rope?
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    Sorry Sir, I am beginner in this section. Urgently want to learn how to solve such question. Please...
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    Sophie is correct. This question belongs in the homework forums. Please repost it there and use the template provided when you click on New Post. Note that PF is not here to teach you how to solve such questions from scratch. If you have no idea where to begin then you should seek help from your teacher or someone in your class.
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