What is Stretch: Definition and 72 Discussions

The IBM 7030, also known as Stretch, was IBM's first transistorized supercomputer. It was the fastest computer in the world from 1961 until the first CDC 6600 became operational in 1964.Originally designed to meet a requirement formulated by Edward Teller at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the first example was delivered to Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1961, and a second customized version, the IBM 7950 Harvest, to the National Security Agency in 1962. The Stretch at the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment at Aldermaston, England was heavily used by researchers there and at AERE Harwell, but only after the development of the S2 Fortran Compiler which was the first to add dynamic arrays, and which was later ported to the Ferranti Atlas of Atlas Computer Laboratory at Chilton.The 7030 was much slower than expected and failed to meet its aggressive performance goals. IBM was forced to drop its price from $13.5 million to only $7.78 million and withdrew the 7030 from sales to customers beyond those having already negotiated contracts. PC World magazine named Stretch one of the biggest project management failures in IT history.Within IBM, being eclipsed by the smaller Control Data Corporation seemed hard to accept. The project lead, Stephen W. Dunwell, was initially blackballed for his role in the "failure", but as the success of the IBM System/360 became obvious, he was given an official apology and, in 1966 was made an IBM Fellow.In spite of Stretch's failure to meet its own performance goals, it served as the basis for many of the design features of the successful IBM System/360, which shipped in 1964.

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  1. chwala

    Find the translation and stretch from ##y=2^x## to ##y=2^{x+4}##

    For part (i) i was thinking of the vertical shift from ##(0,1)## to ##(0,16)##, this can be given by; ##y=2^x + 15## but it does not fit onto ##y=2^{x+4}## something wrong here. For part (ii), =we have a stretch factor of ##a=16>0## (vertical stretch) thus, ##y=16\cdot 2^x## your thoughts...i...
  2. Y

    Will the spring stretch or compress?

    i would like to understand why my answer is incorrect i don't know what I am doing wrong i would like for some help
  3. P

    What is the maximum stretch of the bungee and will the mass hit the ground?

    This is more of a check that I solved this assignment correctly. I got to an answer but I’m not sure it’s correct. First, I decided that I needed to solve for the maximum stretch of the bungee. To do that I think I needed the length of the bungee (which is also the initial compression). So...
  4. K

    How will the pitch of a string change when I stretch it? (sound)

    I was trying to search but found no results. Is there a way to calculate how frequency will change if I stretch a string by certain amount (0.14 mm in my case)? I found out I can measure its frequency once stretched, but no results as of how to estimate new frequency ahead of the time. I know a...
  5. greg_rack

    Average power used to stretch a spring

    First and foremost, I found the max stretch of the spring using the strain energy formula(x=√((2*0.25J)/k)) ). Then, the maximum force exerted(Fmax=k*xmax), in order to find out the seconds needed for the force in [N/s] to reach its maximum value. Now, I got confused about how to find the...
  6. E

    The maximum length that a spring can stretch in reality

    In detail, I came up with 424m for the stretched length of a spring in order to change the mass of an object by 10^-9kg which originally was 1 kg. Problem said, "is it feasible?" In my opinion, there is no spring that can be stretched for this long, so it is not feasible. However, I'm not sure...
  7. T

    Struggling to understand stretch and strength in fishing line

    I'm an angler and having extensive discussions on a fishing forum about the properties of monofilament fishing line. There are two forms: various nylons - mainly we think PA6 and PA66 - and fluorocarbon. Our experience and 'garage testing' of these lines tell us that fluorocarbon while it can...
  8. M

    A Motorcyclist crossing a stretch of land

    TA = Ec 0,7*m*g*d = (m*v² /2) 1,4*g*d = (400/12,96) 14*d = (400/12,96) d = 2,2 m No
  9. greenrichy

    Find the stretch of a steel wire in a static equilibrium problem.

    If I can determine the weight of that heavy object placed on the plank, I will be able to determine the stretch of that wire. But, when using the second condition for static equilibrium (torques of the system equal to 0), I always end up with two unknowns, no matter what point of rotation I...
  10. R

    Force Required to Stretch a Rubber Band to a Certain Diameter

    Summary: Looking of someone to double check my work on this design issue. I am posting this here because I am no longer a student, but it is similar to a simple homework problem Problem: I am designing a rubber-band like product for a client. He wants to take a durable rubber band and stretch...
  11. DLeuPel

    B Uncovering the Mysteries of Time: Understanding its Stretch and Rhythm

    I have a question. I know that events don't happen simultaneously but rather they are ordered chronologically by time, but why? What is time and how does it stretch events and why does it have the rhythm/flow that it currently has?
  12. gibberingmouther

    Work to stretch a spring question (nvm, figured it out)

    <Moderator's note: Moved from a technical forum and thus no template.> NEVERMIND: yeah i get it now. y = k*X literally at x = X. don't know why i had trouble with that so i see how to derive .5 * k * X^2 (work done to move a spring from rest to a length X) from calculus. but i was looking...
  13. R

    Spring Stretch in Circular Motion

    Homework Statement A small ball is attached to one end of a spring that has an unstrained length of 0.200 m. The spring is held by the other end, and the ball is whirled around in a horizontal circle at a speed of 3.00 m/s. The spring remains nearly parallel to the ground during the motion and...
  14. D

    I Is it possible to stretch a singularity?

    Hi everyone When a smaller black hole gets sucked into a larger one, is it theoretically possible for the gravity of the larger black hole to stretch the smaller black hole so that it no longer has an infinitely dense centre? I guess it won't matter once they are completely merged, but in...
  15. H

    B Why does a LIGO arm stretch and not move in unison?

    LIGO is most sensitive to a GW from directly above/below. As a transverse wave hits an arm why don't the laser source and the mirror move in unison -- thereby covering up the distorted motion?
  16. somasimple

    Medical Sliding interphase zones in a peripheral nerve

    Hi, from this excellent book https://www.amazon.com/dp/0443035288/?tag=pfamazon01-20
  17. I

    I Calculating Work Needed to Stretch a Spring: 100J to 0.75m

    "It takes 100J of work to stretch a spring 0.5m from its equilibrium position. How much work is needed to stretch it an additional 0.75m." Attempt: w = ⌠abF(x)dx work = F x D 100J = F x 0.5m F = 200J 0.75 + 0.5 = 1.25 w = ⌠0.51.25 200dx w = 150 J The correct answer: w = 525 J what did I do...
  18. A

    I Gravity Waves: Measure Spacetime Stretch with a Ruler

    Hi all, On the website of gravity waves by PhD comics: At minute 1 and 5 seconds to minute 1 minute 20 secs. "Now if the spacetime between you and me stretched or compressed, we wouldn't notice it if we had made marks on our metaphorical sheet...because these marks would also get...
  19. Arij

    2nd Diff eq application - Vertical stretch

    Hello guys, first I am sorry I didn't use the template. I deleted it by mistake and I didn't know how to create a new thread from scratch. so I have two cases of the same problem, on with initial conditions of pulling down and the other pushing up, I tried different signs but It didn't work...
  20. C

    Questions about this question on Hooke's Law in Balloons

    Hi, I would like to do an experiment for my physics class about which balloon has the highest stretch ratio and found the following page on this forum: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/hookes-law-for-a-balloon.670566/ First of all, can you please explain this function? σ=σ(λ). I'm...
  21. D

    Young's Modulus Question: stretch of a wire

    Homework Statement A force stretches a wire by 2mm. A second wire of the same material and with the same area of cross-section and twice the length is also stretched by the same force. What will its stretch be? Homework Equations F= (YA/L)ΔL The Attempt at a Solution F, Y, and A are all...
  22. S

    Spring stretch - Do I use Force or Potential Energy

    I have read posts about this but still don't have a good handle on it. I am confused about something that I know is simple. If a mass is attached to a spring, the spring will stretch according to Hooke,s law, correct? So won't the weight, (mg) balance out the spring force of -kx? So in other...
  23. T

    Solve Spring Stretch on 30° Ramp, 20kg, 500N/m, Friction 0.3/.2

    Homework Statement A block is sitting on a ramp with a spring behind it, which we are supposed to imagine we are holding. The mass of the block is 20 kg, the angle of the ramp is 30 degrees, and the spring constant is 500 N/m. 1) You pull so the block is accelerating at 4 m/s^2 up the ramp...
  24. Chrono G. Xay

    Predicting Initial Length of String Needed Before Stretch

    I have put together an equation whose purpose is: With a desired 'magnitude of static friction' ( μ_s ), 'fundamental frequency' ( f ), and 'tension' ( T ), initial conditions such as 'string breakover angle' ( Θ_0 ), 'nut-tuner distance' ( L_{h,0} ), and 'string diameter' ( d ), and...
  25. J

    How can I stretch audio waves without distortion?

    Hello to anyone who reads this, and good day.I am an intermediate C++ programmer and I am looking to understand how to stretch or lengthen audio waves as long as I want without distortion. What I mean by "stretch" is to prolong the duration of every instance of sound. As of now I am assuming...
  26. K

    What is the stretch of the spring?

    Homework Statement A spring scale hung from the ceiling stretches by 6.3 cm when a 1.2 kg mass is hung from it. The 1.2 kg mass is removed and replaced with a 1.4 kg mass. What is the stretch of the spring? F=mg U (spring force) = 1/2kx^2 Homework Equations The units of cm need to be...
  27. Ranger Mike

    Do digital linear scales stretch?

    Hello friends, i hope this is correct forum. If digital linear scale with a resolution of 0.1 micron is attached to a very flat piece of aluminum, at 68 degrees F, and is calibrated with a laser interferometer, and is then exposed to a slow increase of temperature to 100 degrees F, then...
  28. K

    How much does the spring stretch?

    Homework Statement A mass ##m## body is attached to the spring and rests on the board so the spring is not stretched. The board starts to move with an acceleration ##a##. How much does the spring stretch at the moment when the board separate from the body? Homework Equations Newton's Laws of...
  29. A

    Hooke's Law: Find x (How much will the spring stretch)?

    Homework Statement | Mass 1: 2kg | -------- | Mass 2: 3kg | ----------> 15N 2 blocks are connected by a massless spring on a horizontal frictionless plane. The left block has a mass of 2kg and the right block has a mass of 3 kg. There is a force pulling Mass 2 to the right with a force of...
  30. Calpalned

    Does spring continue to stretch?

    Homework Statement It was stated that the block separates from the compressed spring when the spring reached its equilibrium length of x=0. Explain why separation doesn't take place before (or after) this point. I understand how this works, intuitively. What I don't understand is my...
  31. G

    Solving Physics Homework: Spring Length & Work Done

    Homework Statement A vertical spring is 10.0 cm long when supporting a 20.0 kg mass, and it is 12.0 cm long when supporting a 32.0 kg mass. Assume the stretch is linear with the load. a) What is the length of the spring with zero load? (0.06666667) b) How much work would be done in...
  32. aditya ver.2.0

    Question about the stretch of rope

    A rope of length L1 is stretched from both ends by A and B ( both are exerting equal amount of force F1 and F2, where F1=F2)to keep it rigid. Just then C ties a metallic block of mass M1 at the center of the rope.Due to the weight of the block, the rope hangs down and creates a depression of D1...
  33. V

    Is Space Within Atoms Also Stretched by the Big Bang?

    I watched a BBC video - Wonders of the Universe where the scientist explains that the Big Bang stretched the universe and created space. Is it true? If the above assumption is true, is the space within atom (distance between nucleus and electron) stretched as well?
  34. A

    Trying to find the amount of stretch of a spring for a launch

    Homework Statement I'm doing an experiment where I have to calculate the stretch of a spring needed for it to launch itself into a trashcan located some distance away. The spring is located on the edge of a ramp that is 1.13 m high. The angle of the ramp is 30 degrees above horizontal. The...
  35. V

    How much does cable stretch?

    Homework Statement A 1.25m diameter wrecking ball hangs motionless from a 1.75 cm diameter cable. The wrecking ball is solid and is constructed of steel (density = 7800 kg/m3). If the cable is 16 m long, how much does the cable stretch? For the cable use E = 175 GPa.Homework Equations δ=(FL/AE)...
  36. T

    Solving for Spring Stretch with Two Blocks of Mass m/2

    Homework Statement A block of mass m, is suspended by a spring with a spring constant k and stretches a length x . If two blocks of mass m/2 are suspended by a spring with the same spring constant k (ii), how much will the spring stretch...
  37. E

    Find x: Solving a Spring Stretch Problem

    Homework Statement A relaxed spring is sitting on a horizontal surface. A block attached at one of its ends is kicked, with a horizontal velocity, v1, given to it. The block will move and stretch. Find the distance, x, the spring will stretch. See figure. Find x in meters...
  38. E

    Ultra high stretch cycle elastics?

    Hi all. I'm trying to find a durable elastic material for a project of mine but I can't seem to find the needed information. Basicly what I need is a elastic/rubber band that can withstand at least 100 000 (or preferably over 1 million) stretch cycles without its resting length increasing more...
  39. D

    Determine Matrix of Rotation Vector & Angle of Rotation ##\phi##

    Consider the deformation field \begin{alignat*}{3} x_1 & = & X_1 - AX_2 + AX_3\\ x_2 & = & X_2 - AX_3 + AX_1\\ x_3 &...
  40. C

    Solving Mass-Spring System: Find Spring Constant & Max Stretch

    Homework Statement A mass of 122 g is attached to a vertically hung spring. The mass stretches the spring 13.8 cm. (a) What is the spring constant of the spring? (b) If the mass is dropped from rest from a position where the spring is just relaxed, what will be the maximum distance the...
  41. T

    As we stretch a ductile material, does the x section area decrease

    ...in the elastic region? Or does the x section area decrease only after the yield point?
  42. J

    Metal Stretch Force Calculation (engineering)

    Hi all, I have started working on a challenge at work. We have installed a machine for 'stretch forming'. The machine clamps a long sheet of aluminium at both ends, while a convex shape steel die is raised in the centre. The die is raised by a hydraulic system, causing the metallic sheet...
  43. M

    How to Stretch an Elipse Made of Bezier Paths

    Hi all, I'm currently writing an iPhone application where I'm taking the following ellipse which I created in Adobe Illustrator: http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/6584/95436658.gif And drawing it in my code using the following: CGPathMoveToPoint(515.98, 258.24); CGPathAddCurveToPoint(515.98...
  44. F

    Difference of 1st, 2nd ,3rd principal stretch

    Dear all, I have problem on defining first principal stretch, second principal stretch and third principal stretch. Does it means in x-axis we definite it as first, y-axis is second, third is z axis? what if my load is applied on a cubic from the -y direction in a uniaxial testing...
  45. K

    Block attached to spring is kicked,what distance will the spring stretch?

    A block, no friction, of 1 kg is attached to a spring rests on a horizontal surface with a length L. The spring is connected to a fixed point. The 1kg block is kicked and has a velocity of 1 m/s. As the block swings around the fixed point, the spring stretches to a total distance of L + x, at...
  46. R

    Does acceleration cause a string to stretch?

    if you have a pendulum with a 10kg bob at rest, it causes a stretch in the wire supporting it, but if that same bob were to be let go at a certain angle from the vertical, would would the wire stretch more as the bob reaches the bottom of its swing where the speed is the greatest? in order...
  47. P

    Maximum distance a spring will stretch

    Homework Statement A 0.150 kg frame, when suspended from a coil spring, stretches the spring 0.070m. A 0.200kg lump of putty is dropped from rest onto the frame from a height of 30.0cm Find the maximum distance the frame moves downward from its initial position Homework Equations...
  48. P

    How does the expansion of the universe stretch light?

    Any galaxy that we can see, must have been traveling at less than light speed when the photons that we now see, departed from it. Therefore, the visible rate of galaxy separation is less than light speed. How then, could expansion "stretch" light? Particularly, if it is the expansion of space...
  49. S

    Does expansion of spacetime also stretch amplitude of light waves?

    Expansion of spacetime stretches wavelengths and produces the red shift. Does it also stretch the amplitude of the wave, and make distant stars look brighter and therefor nearer?