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B Question about torque (I think) and a gymnastic exercise

  1. Dec 13, 2016 #1

    I'm training an advanced calisthenics exercise called the planche. And I noticed a while ago that doing it with my legs apart (this is called "straddle planche") it's noticeably easier than if I put my legs together (this is called "full planche"). In fact the first is used as a transition to do the second.

    This is an example of the easier version (straddle planche with legs apart):


    And this is an example of the harder one (full planche, with the legs together):


    I understand why if I did this exercise with my legs tucked right into my chest it would become easier than if I do it with legs extended. The radius of my body would simply be shorter. I can also find many other real life examples that would work similarly.
    But in the case of straddle vs full planche I can't understand the logic (nor similar examples) since in both of this two exercises the legs are extended.
    So why is the straddle planche easier than the full planche?

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    Doc Al

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    Compare the location of the center of mass of your legs when spread apart vs extended straight back. When straight back their center of mass is further back and thus generates more torque.
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