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Homework Help: Question concerning Electric Field

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    I want to ask things about chapter "Electric Fields"
    I am stucked in these words " Potential, Electric Fields, equipotential ..."

    1.Why do we call potentail difference - Voltage?

    2.Why do we call 2 objects have the same potentail if they are in contact with each other?

    3.I am frustrated with the definition of potential -Work done per unit charge in bringing from infinity to the point r? How can it apply to the electrons in the circuit?

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    Potential difference is analogous to the difference in terms of current. A difference means there is a flow, and is called voltage.
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    Just further to what thiotimoline said;
    Voltage was so named after the inventor of the voltaic pile (a rudimentary battery), A. Volta - I forget his first name. The volt is not a [SI] base unit but rather a derived unit. The base unit of potential difference is defined as the energy transferred per unit of charge, J.C-1. Equally, one volt can also be described as the potential difference when a current of one ampere dissipates one watt of power in a conductor and so can also have the base unit m2.kg.s-3.A-1.
    Perhaps you can answer this one yourself, what creates a potential [difference]?
    Quite simply in any circuit there is an electric static field which requires work to be done to move a charge, remember a definition of voltage - work done per unit charge?. Perhaps http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_potential" [Broken]from wikipeda on electric potential would be helpful.
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