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Question concerning magnetic fields

  1. Apr 2, 2008 #1
    So I am somewhat confused on magnetic fields. Do they have a charge? Because I have come across many problems that involve either protons or electrons and whether or not they are deflected by the field. My question is if the fields do have a positive or negative charge, how are you suppossed to know what the charge is? Do you use the right hand rule for this or what? Any help to clear my understanding would be greatly appreciated!
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    The magnetic field is just a field. It has no charge. It causes a force on a positive or negatively charged particle given by the right-hand rule.

    [tex]F = qB \times v[/tex]

    where x is the cross product.
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    It's F = qv x B. but maybe, jlo4, you meant to ask if what produces a magnetic field has some sort of charge?
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    Why pick on just magnetic fields? Do "electric fields" have a charge? Do gravitational fields have a mass?

    One should not confuse fields with sources, and one should not confuse the origin of these sources and sources.

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