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Question on oversized wire.

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    Im 99.9 percent sure I have this right, but I want to confirm. During surgery I paid a licensed electrical guy to run a sub panel. I found he did it wrong and not by code placing it under the kitchen island. So I decided to use the already run 90 amp 2/0 aluminum wire and put in a box to power the 40 amp cooktop. Now I did use an approved al/cu connector in the box. I do of course have dual 40 amp breaker on panel box. I have a repair guy coming out and while I feel this is adequate, I wonder if he will try to fault this to the problems in the cooktop.
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    How was the work permit signed off by the City if the construction was not to Code? Seems like this is a matter for you to bring up with the City.
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    I doubt the guy that is coming to repair the cooktop will know the difference. If he has good voltage readings it is likely all that will matter.
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    jim hardy

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    I'm not understanding what is the question.

    Are you replacing a sub-panel that you've described only as "under the kitchen island" with a box containing two 40 amp breakers ?

    fault what ?
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    I'm going to close this thread until the OP @Hotwire73 sends me a PM with details of the building permit that was issued for this electrical work in his home.
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