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Question regarding Brinell/Vickers Hardness Test

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    Vickers Hardness Test
    Question : For Vickers Hardness Test to test the material hardness we uses different force [kfg], Why do we need to use different force like 1kgf and 5kgf?

    Brinell Hardness Test
    Question : Pure Copper : Require force is 62.5
    Steel : Require force is 187.5
    Why is there a change in the force require?
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    Pure metals are generally softer than alloys. Pure copper would be softer than steel, but steel is a rather general category, and there is a range or spectrum of hardness.

    We use different loading forces depending on the softness of the materials. Softer materials require less force to achieve a certain deformation, while harder materials resist deformation and require a higher load/force to achieve a certain deformation. Each test is based on a certain geometry of the indentation within some limited range.

    Note there are several hardness tests, and they can be correlated.

    See - http://www.instron.us/wa/applications/test_types/hardness/default.aspx
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    Thanks that was useful :D
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