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Questions about the titanic ship

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    1) use a variety of resources to research the compostion of steel and explain how the compostion of steel affects its proprties, such as its strength and resistance to corrosion. Record this information in chart

    2) reseach and explain the chemical methods available to analyze metal materials found at shipwrechs

    3) at very great depth, wrecks corrode due to the action of anaerobic bacteria. Do reseach to explain why these sulfur reducing bacteria accelerate corrosion of some metals

    i honestly have spent about 1 hour and a half searching yahoo and google for this information and found so little...i really need help, either from knowledge u guys know, or sites...i gotta get some info fast to finish this activity for school which is worth 15% of my final mark, any help would be greatly appreicated, thanks in advance
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    Only an hour and a half? I would expect something like this to run to 10-12 hours of work. Any way, I recommend you go to a library and use the reference section to research properties of metals- CRC tables ought to have this information.
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    one hour and a half of just searching for INFORMATION, and not even doing the actual thing , and now its up to 3 hours, and i cant find any good information, gonna go take a look at the library
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    This is K-12 level?!?!
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    yes this is 12

    anyway im done every question except

    4) find out about the materials used to build the hull of the Titanic. Create list with a brief description of each material

    i dont understand what this is asking, isent it steel?
    i dont get it
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    Steel. The last iron-hulled ship was Germanic, launched in 1874. Asiatic I, launched in 1881, was the first steel-hulled White Star ship.
    It was the rivets that were made from wrought iron, a combination of iron and a material called slag. There is a documentary called "Titanic, Answers from the abyss." This docu delves into the materials used in the construction of the Titanic. Materials scientists Tim Foecke and Tim Weihs test various rivets brought up from the wreck and they have found that most of the rivets tested contained too much slag and therefore making the rivet weak/brittle. However, the steel sample tested from the "big piece" was not too dissimilar to the steel that we can produce today, according to the experts the steel used on Titanic was of a good quality and not brittle as many had thought.
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    The hull of the Titanic is made up of steel, iron and wrought iron. definations of these can be found easily SOMEWHERE.
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