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Questions On Chaotic Dynamics

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    i'm an undergraduate student decided to pursue a thesis on chaotic dynamics. would it be feasible to use the student population of my college department as an entity which will exhibit chaos? i need help, feel free to PM me or mail me: reysagana@gmail.com

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    You can't just use "a population" -- they have to be doing something!

    Hence the field of population dynamics which generally uses toy-models which include changeable breeding and death rates to show the developement of chaotic dynamics.
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    how about the change in population of the students (e.g. the enrolment rate or the decrease/increase in enrolment)

    would you suggest alternative subjects beside from the student population?
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    As it's an undergrad thesis, I'd advise you to take a well know model -- eg. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rössler_attractor -- and perform a bifurcation study; ie. with respect to showing you can do an analytical analysis, and write code to produce numerical bifurcation diagrams.
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    i have sent u a PM regarding my work.


    would i have to use mathematica or any other software for the conduct of research on population dynamics/dynamical models? i don't have one eh.
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    just PM me whenever you're online, ayt? thanks!

    attached is a copy of my thesis proposal

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    how do i do this?
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    Well, the wiki link pretty much shows you how to linearize the equations and compute the eigenvalues which determine the stability of a steady state equilibrium.

    For the numerics, look up some numerical integration schemes; such as, Euler or Runge-Kutta.

    You could even do a survey of a number of nonlinear equations -- maps and flows -- and then use your code to compute numerical bifurcation diagrams.
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